Rental Advantages

Why rent from Coastal?

Cash Flow

Frees up capital for investing in non-depreciating assets.

Capital Management

Renting does not affect your credit line or ability to borrow and there are no down payments or restrictive covenants often required by banks.

Easily Upgrade your equipment

As your business grows and your equipment needs change you are not limited to your existing equipment.

No Repair Bills

Normal maintenance and repairs are included at no additional charge.

Tax Benefits

Your rental payments may be a fully deductible operating expense. Check with your tax professional.

Additional Advantages

  • Decreases monthly hauling cost
  • Saves labor
  • Controls odor
  • Stops scavenging
  • Stops illegal dumping
  • Eliminates access to discarded material
  • Reduces rodent/insect problems
  • Improves overall sanitation

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